4th SCT Meeting: Chemical Biology – Contribution to Molecular Therapeutic Innovation

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4th SCT Meeting: Chemical Biology – Contribution to Molecular Therapeutic Innovation 

Drug Discovery in the RNA world

  Paris, France – March 10th, 2020

The French Medicinal Chemistry Society (Société de Chimie Thérapeutique – SCT) is pleased to invite you to its 4th Meeting about Chemical Biology: Contribution to Molecular Therapeutic Innovation – Drug Discovery in the RNA world to be held in Paris, on March 10th, 2020. This meeting, originally scheduled for December 11, 2019, was postponed due to a strike in France.


 Registration is open at:

Registration fee includes access to the lecture hall, pdf programme booklet, coffee breaks, lunch and networking.
By registering, you will be asked to pay online by credit card. If you are unable to pay by credit card, please contact us first at secretariat@sct-asso.fr.


The aim of the symposium is to illustrate the great potential and applications of RNA-targeting modalities in contributing to therapeutic innovation.
This meeting is dedicated to a large audience of organic and medicinal chemists, biochemists and biologists from academia and industry. During this day, we will focus on recent advances in the field of RNA targeting using small molecules as well as oligonucleotides. This will include the synthetic challenges involved in the design of RNA-targeting agents and the validation of relevant RNA targets, as well as the current methodologies used to study RNA/ligands interactions.
RNA has already been drugged. Ribosomal RNA was drugged serendipitously with natural product antibiotics and later linezolid. A design-driven approach to drugging RNA was achieved with antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) and then by RNA interference (RNAi) mechanisms.
More recently, small molecules that bind to the FMN riboswitch and to SMN2 pre-mRNA were reported and are close to clinical application. All those recent developments in the field of RNA-targeting definitely hold promise for future therapeutic applications.


  • Prof. Matthew DISNEY (Scripps, Florida, USA): Translating RNA sequence into lead small molecules medecine
  • Dr. Maria DUCA (Université Côte d’Azur, France): Synthetic small-molecule RNA ligands: Scope and applications
  • Prof. Mélanie ETHEVE-QUELQUEJEU (Université Paris Descartes, France): Modified RNAs as Molecular Tools for Structural and Functional Studies of RNAs dependent Enzymes
  • Dr. Eric ENNIFAR (Université de Strasbourg, France): Structure-guided discovery of novel ligands targeting the HIV-14 genomic viral RNA
  • Prof. Jonathan HALL (ETH, Switzerland): A Bright Future for Oligonucleotide Drugs
  • Dr. Gerhard MUELLER (Gotham Therapeutics, Germany): Epitranscriptomic readers, writer, and erasers: a biophysics and medicinal chemistry perspective
  • Dr. Helene TRAN (Servier Research Institute, France): Antisense Oligonucleotides Therapeutics for CNS disorders

Organizing committee

Dr. Amaury FERNANDEZ (Servier, France)
Dr. Yann FORICHER (Sanofi, France)
Dr. Brigitte LESUR (Vice-President SCT, France)
Prof. Sébastien PAPOT (President SCT, University of Poitiers, France)
Dr. Frédéric SCHMIDT (Curie Institute, Paris, France)

Spring One-day Symposium Secretariat

Marie-Madeleine LE FLOCH
Web: http://www.sct-asso.fr

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