Conference Enzymatic Biocatalysis For Industry

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Enzynov’2 – Enzymatic Biocatalysis For Industry

Unleashing the power of Enzymes and Biocatalysis for industrial applications

October 26-27, 2023  |  Biocitech
Romainville-Paris, Metro Line 5 Bobigny-Pantin-Raymond Queneau

Enzymes are biological activators increasingly used in various industrial sectors. Over the past years, enzymes have gained in specificity and activity thanks to the development of genetic and metabolic strain engineering and synthetic biology.

The international scientific conference and Networking Forum  Enzynov’2  Enzymes for industrial applications will focus on the utilization of enzymes and biocatalysis technologies in achieving more sustainable and productive industrial applications (chemistry, cosmetics, pharma, food, detergents, others…). State of the art of the technology, major market drivers according to sectors and manufacturing challenges linked to enzyme largescale production or customdesigned enzymes, as well as disruptive innovations will be discussed.

One key objective of this Symposium and networking forum convention is to promote the development of partnerships between largescale enzyme industrial producers, innovative startups and end users across a variety of industrial sectors (food, chemistry, drugs, detergents…)

Speakers : the conference will feature speakers from both prestigious academic institutions and industry (mature international Companies and startups) in a convenient format leaving lots of time for discussions and business exchanges.

Venue : Biocitech site and 250 seats auditorium is very easy to reach by metro from Paris Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est train stations (35 minutes), as well as from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Hotel accommodation and parking is available 5 min walk from the Biocitech facilities.


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