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Enzymatic biocatalysis has found an increased usage in a number of applications in various industrial segments, as an alternative or complement to chemical catalysis: pharmaceuticals, fragrances, specialty chemicals, biofuels, green chemistry, animal food and many others. Following Adebiotech’s successful Enzynov’ conference of 2014 (ENZINOV (, this new event will illustrate examples of applications of enzymatic biocatalysis, with a focus on scalable technologies. European partnerships between academia and industry will also be presented.

SCOPE: This Conference gathering international experts from industry and academia gives a unique “transdomain” opportunity to share experiences with the common goal of a better understanding of the challenges and key success factors when applying enzymatic biocatalysis in industrial processes for scaleup and product commercialization.

EXPECTED AUDIENCE: Industrial experts in Enzymes, Food and Feed, Fragrances and Cosmetics, Green Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, CROs and CMOs, instrumentation manufacturers, academic and Industrial labs developing new methods as alternatives or complement to conventional chemical synthesis and processes.

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