NEUROSERVICE and SYNAPCELL announce the launch of a joint product, NEUROSYN.

This new offer combines a unique in vitro and in vivo approach to document compound’s effects on brain oscillations. NEUROSERVICE has developed over the last 3 years in vitro Multi-Electrode Array measurements to record and to document 2D-oscillations in hippocampal slices in the beta, theta and gamma-ranges.

SYNAPCELL has acquired a world-leading expertise for rodents EEG recordings. In vivo, 3D brain oscillations are triggered by many tasks such as vision, motor actions, and cognition. In vitro, 2D brain oscillations are triggered by kainate or carbachol. Compounds “signature” on brain oscillations could be a valuable biomarker with remarkable translational properties from rodent slices to rodent brain and finally to human brain.

NEUROSERVICE and SYNAPCELL are very pleased to announce the launch of a joint product, NEUROSYN.

The NEUROSYN offer is proposed in two progressive steps.

  • Step-1 = “NEUROSYN Exploratory” is a 2 weeks quick screening test to determine if your compound is able to modulate in vitro 2D (slices – MEA) or in vivo 3D (brain – EEG) oscillations. If a trend is observed, then
  • Step-2 = “NEUROSYN Discovery” will allow investigating over a few concentrations range the precise effect of your molecule on these in vitro and in vivo oscillations. This represent the unique opportunity to establish a robust biomarker related to your compound. This biomarker may have an excellent probability of being translatable to human patients.

If you work on CNS disease (neurodegenerative, psychiatric), do not miss the opportunity to catch a robust and translatable biomarker for your molecule. NEUROSYN will be the easiest and fastest way to draw with electrophysiological recordings your compound signature!

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